Humm Droplets

In March of 2019 I fell seriously ill. The details are not relevant, other that saying that I basically slept for four days and nights and was in bed for almost a month, recovering.

I was at my brother’s place, having arrived from a month-long trip to my native Brazil, where I had taught a beautiful workshop named ‘Continuum: Eros in Movement’.

During the workshop I kept bringing up the question ‘How can I /one access Eros in a difficult situation, such as being seriously ill?’. This is not the kind of question I usually bring to classes, but I did, over and over again, and one month later I was in bed and could barely move.

During the 4 day hibernation period the question kept popping into my mind: ‘How can I  access Eros now that I’m seriously ill?’

The answer came from within, in the form of Hummm Droplets.

For those familiar with Continuum sounds it will suffice to say that it’s the briefest possible Humm, just One Humm falling into the body in the same way the Malas do: one at a time, slooowwwlllyyy, taking a million years to land, activate the system and spread before another one comes by.

These Hummms, its teeny tiny vibrations falling as randomly as possible all over my body, lubricated the system. The constant image that kept appearing was one of the whole fleshy system sliding inside the skin container. Slurpy, yummy, gentle.

During this challenging period my brother asked a number of times if I wanted to go to a hospital, which I refused to do. He told me he would come and check in on me, to ‘make sure you were breathing’ and would hear the weeny growls (the Hummms Droplets). He thought I was moaning gently but I was nourishing and healing myself.

After two weeks, feeling strong enough, I asked a masseuse friend to give me a session. Considering I had been in bed for the whole period, barely moving, she was surprised to see how my skin and muscles were receptive and lubricated.

I invite all of you to experiment with it. If you need assistance, please contact me. And please share your experiences with me.




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